Wacom Intuos Pro PTH-660 Driver Download

Wacom Intuos Pro PTH-660 Driver – The perfect driver for your tablet is the driver released about the same time that you last updated your OS PC or Mac. In other words, if you have kept your Mac or PC updated to the absolute last OS update, then you should use the latest Wacom Driver. This the reason Why does Wacom or any other company update its drivers. So this article is about Installing, Uninstalling, and Deciding Which Wacom Driver to Use for a Mac or a PC.

When installing a different Wacom driver, it is safest to first remove the existing tablet drivers. or Wacom suggests that before you install a new driver you should uninstall the present driver. After uninstalling, then you install the new driver.  Below is the driver you need.

Wacom Intuos Pro PTH-660 DriverWacom Intuos Pro PTH-660 Driver Download List

Latest Drivers
( Windows ) Driver 6.3.32-4

  • Manufacture : Wacom
  • OS: Windows 7, 8.1 and 10
  • Update Date: 12/20/2018
  • Size: 58.9 MB
  • Download 
Latest Drivers
( MacOSX ) Driver 6.3.32-4 
  • Manufacture : Wacom
  • OS: MacOS 10.11, 10.12, 10.13, & 10.14
  • Update Date: 1/17/2019
  • Size: 80.9 MB
  • Download

Previous Drivers

Driver 6.3.31-4

  • Manufacture : Wacom
  • OS: Windows 7, 8.1 and 10
  • Update Date: 9/25/2018
  • Size: 58.9 MB
  • Download 
Driver 6.3.31-6
  • Manufacture : Wacom
  • OS: macOS 10.11, 10.12, 10.13, & 10.14
  • Update Date: 11/14/2018
  • Size: 83.7 MB
  • Download 
Driver 6.3.29-6
( Windows ) 
  • Manufacture : Wacom
  • OS: Windows Win 7, 8 and 10
  • Update Date: 4/3/2018
  • Size: 57.3 MB
  • Download 
Driver 6.3.29-6
( MacOSX )
  • Manufacture : Wacom
  • OS: macOS 10.11, 10.12, & 10.13
  • Update Date: 3/15/2018
  • Size: 77.5 MB
  • Download 

Here is, Wacom Intuos Pro PTH-660 Driver Installation Procedure (Manual Methods):

  • A. Download Wacom Intuos Pro PTH-660 Driver.
    1. Visit www.wacom.com or you can download the drivers in this page for free.
    2. Select tablet type (Bamboo, Intuos, Cintiq ).
    3. Select operating system.
    4. Download and save driver installation in an easy-to-find place.
  • B. Uninstall and Reinstall (Wacom Intuos Pro PTH-660 Driver) for windows or PC.
    • To remove the Wacom driver completely, run the following steps:
      1. Unplug the tablet’s USB cable from the computer.
      2. Uninstall the driver using the PROGRAMS/APPS AND FEATURES section of the Control Panel.
      3. Check for any other ‘Wacom’ or ‘Bamboo’ software that may be shown there. If you have either installed, Bamboo Paper and Wacom Inkspace do not need to be removed, but please uninstall anything else. Bamboo Dock is no longer supported. ( The following should have been removed automatically, but if you find them, please manually remove them from your system )
      4. Also in PROGRAMS/APPS AND FEATURES check for and remove “WebTablet FB Plugin 32 Bit” and “WebTablet FB Plugin 64 Bit” ( if they were properly removed C:\Program Files\tabletplugins\WacomIE.dll should no longer exist )
        • »»Check that “WacomIE.dll” has been removed from C:\Program Files\tabletplugins (if they were properly removed WacomIE.dll should no longer exist)
      5. Reboot your computer.
      6. Search Windows for the following:
        • »Open Device Manager and remove any remaining Wacom entries.
        • »”tablet.dat ” and “pen_tablet.dat” from anywhere on the hard disk (search as administrator)
        • »”wintab*.*” from the WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 and WINDOWS\SysWOW64 folders. 
          After a uninstalling program you may run the registry cleaner ( that’s called CC cleaner ). to cleans up the temporary Internet files and all that junk that builds on all of your computer.
      7. Reboot your computer.( Your tablet driver has now been completely removed from the system )
    • Now Re-install the driver:
      1. Right-click on the driver file you downloaded earlier, and select ‘run as administrator‘.
      2. Follow the steps to complete the installation.
      3. Reboot your computer
      4. Plug the tablet directly into your computer’s main USB port (at the back if a desktop PC) and to test it. ( Because USB hubs and extensions often cause issues with low power or data speed. )
  • Uninstall and Reinstall the Wacom Driver on Mac.
    1. Click Command+Space Bar to bring up Spotlight.
    2. Start typing Wacom Tablet Utility.
    3. The choices will appear in the window that opens as soon as you start to type. Click on the icon named Wacom Tablet Utility.Wacom Intuos Pro PTH-660 Driver
    4. Save a copy of your tablet preferences. and so all you would do is you would click on “backup”. it would a window pops up and ask you where you want to save the backup. (save it to a place where you know. you can find it all right after you’ve backed up your software.)Wacom Intuos Pro PTH-660 Driver
    5. Uninstall the current driver now. that’s really important if you install over the current driver with the new driver. you can sometimes get problems. so they suggested that you remove the old drivers and software. it’s not just the drivers but you remove all the software as well.
      • Click remove. if you click that it will uninstall the tablet software and the driver. so click that and go through that process of uninstall. now if there any screen prompts just follow the screen prompts. if it ask you to restart your computer, then restart your computer. 
    6. Double click on the driver file you have downloaded earlier. (it will be a dmg file.) it will begin installing software go through the prompts. do everything that you need to do if it tells you to restart, then restart your computer.
    7. After you’ve installed the new software from the driver that you’re downloaded. then you want to go back and open up your Wacom tablet utilities again. and this time you want to click on restore and that will restore your current settings of your Wacom tablet.Wacom Intuos Pro PTH-660 Driver
      Remember when you at Wacom tablet properties. you can customize it completely. for your own use and after you’ve customized that it takes a while. rather than having to redo it again after you change drivers.

The Wintab tablet stops working.(Tablet driver not recognized.) Causes could be:

  • Other tablets were connected to this computer before.
  • Older drivers were installed on this computer.
  • Tablet was connected before installing the manufacturer’s driver so that some default Windows driver was automatically installed.
  • Tablet disconnected from the computer.

Updating from an older (Wacom Intuos Pro PTH-660 Driver) to a Newer Wacom Driver

If you keep your Wacom Drivers up to date, then you should have a program called Wacom Desktop Center. You can find it in your apps. This program or utility notifies you when there is an update to your Wacom Driver. it does have a lot of useful functions. You can back up and restore your preferences, you can make changes to your preferences, you can get help and find tutorials.

But the most useful function is its ability to install an updated driver. It does this seamlessly and there is no need to uninstall the current driver first. Whether you are on a PC or a Mac, when you need to update your current driver to the latest driver, I suggest using the Wacom Desktop Center. If you are updating from an older driver and you do not have a Wacom Desktop Center, then use the manual methods above.






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