How To Access Wacom Desktop Center

Wacom desktop Center is where users can find driver and firmware updates.helps you keep your driver and products up-to-date, customize your devices, and learn more about how to use pen tablets and pen displays.

  • Updating your tablet
    • If available for your device, you are notified of driver, firmware, or BIOS updates by a notification next to Updates.
    • Select Updates, and then click the update to install it..
  • Customizing your device. quickly access or change tablet settings. 
    • If available for your device, the pen displays and pen tablets that are connected to your computer display under My Devices.
    • Select a device to display settings menus.
    • Select one of the settings menus, and Wacom Tablet Properties opens so you can change the settings.
  • Running the Setup Wizard
    • If available for your device, select your device from My Devices, and select Run Setup Wizard. Follow the prompts.
  • Redeeming Software
    • If available for your device, select your device from My Devices, and select Redeem Software. Register your product to get the software that came with it.
  • Wacom marketplace for applications. The store for accessories or new devices or even customer support. or getting apps and products
    • Click Marketplace to find apps that can improve your workflow.
    • Click Store to research and purchase Wacom products.
  • Support for Wacom products
    • Select Support to view FAQs and tutorials on the Wacom website and to contact Support.
    • If available for your device, select a device under My Devices to view documentation, tutorials, and Important Product Information.
    • Go to More > Online Help or Help > Online Help to view help topics.
  • Backup & restore settings. From here it’s easy to backup & restore settings either locally or to welcomes cloud services as well. Backing up in restoring settings can be a fun way to try new tablet settings without risking the loss of time spent setting up the device in the past
    • Click Backup Settings to backup, restore, and reset your device settings.
    • These settings can be stored locally or to your Wacom ID.(Settings can only be restored to the device that they were created on.)

Wacom desktop center auto starts by default each time the computer starts or a new user signs in. If it’s running it can be found either in the taskbar on Windows or in the dock on a Mac. if it has been closed or set not to auto start it can be opened at any time by going to the Wacom tablet folder in applications on a Mac. or the Wacom tablet folder in the Start menu in Windows. 

Change settings for any device by selecting the device on the left hand side then choose which settings to view or change on the right. 







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